Carlos works in my neighborhood coffee shop.
I see him almost every day.

We chat.
In between audio editing and latte sipping.

we talk.
About life
the weather
and a shared love for New York City.

we talked about The Dyslexia Quest.
Carlos told me about his childhood spent in special Ed.
About his affinity for art.
His musical mind.
His love of history,

His shame
Self doubt.

We talked about years of feeling stupid.

“I can do, what most cannot do” Carlos said.
voice animated.

Carlos reminds me of the of my Air B and B host,
And my uber driver.
And the girl I met in the subway.
And the filmmaker who worked across the table from me last week.
And the dozens of other individuals,

who have shared
and stories with me.

All struggling to organize,
those few years in special ed.
those few papers
which said
“learning disabled”
next to their name.

That moment.
When the eyes light up.
When the heart opens.

Reminds me,
That what we all have going on here.
This is special .

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