Something Exciting is Happening at The Dyslexia Quest Podcast!

Next week Wednesday, January 20th season three of The ‪#‎Dyslexia‬ Quest is launching!

So excited to be sharing these amazing conversations with you all.

Here are just a few of my highlights for the upcoming season:

1) Dr. Manual Casanova whose research famous for describing the Dyslexia– Autistic Spectrum ( how they are opposite processing styles)

2)Dr. Jerome Schultz : A clinical neuropsychologist who is at the faculty of Harvard Medical School- we talked about his fascinating book : “Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with LD and ADHD Hate School”

3)Dasha ( Darya) Zibeline: On her fascinating work around how Leaky Sensory Filters are correlated with higher levels of creativity.

4)Dr. C. Matthew Fugate on the correlation between lower- working memory and creativity.

And much, much more on creativity, intelligence, individual differences , lateralization ( left brain vs. right brain dominance) , and of course dyslexia.

As Adele says ” See You on the other side” on the podcast 🙂 If you have not subscribed, do so here on iTunes, and here on Stitcher Radio.

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