Dr. Matthew H. Schneps was a founding member of the Science Education Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center, and now is the Founder and Director of the Laboratory for Visual Learning.

The Laboratory for Visual Learning was born out of Schneps own personal quest into decoding the mystery of Dyslexia.

Schneps became increasingly frustrated that the majority of the conversation around dyslexia revolved around Phonological Awareness, when as an adult, Schneps felt like he had mastered the phonology of the english language, yet still continued to struggle.

Compelled with curiosity Schneps discovered an entire literature on the relationship between attention and dyslexia.

Do you feel like you or your dyslexic loved ones have differences in attention? Let me know here on Facebook.

This fascinating topic is thoroughly discussed in the full episode along ( To be released Thursday evening EST February 4th, make sure you are subscribed:))  as well as how those specific attentional differences can lead to significant strengths.

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