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Why Schools are Not Built for Learning with Will Richardson

Will Richardson is changing the way we think about education. He quests with us about the role of school. We unpack the unacknowledged truth about most schools today and how it’s impacting our kids future.

What is the purpose of sending kids to of school ANYWAYS?! We get into what we are REALLY trying to accomplish through schooling in the long run. What do we expect schools to do and what can we imagine schools to be…now and in the long run?

Not only does he share something beautiful, he also gives interesting advice from a parent’s point of view. Dive into this broader philosophical discussion with us- we hope it will inspire you too!

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Why School?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere  by Will Richardson (you can sign up for his newsletters)

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Will Richardson

Will Richardson is an academic speaker/consultant/writer/learner/parent. He is a parent of two teens,has over 22-years as a public school teacher and technology administrator, and authored 6 books. He has also been published in numerous newspapers, journals, and magazines. His book, "Why School?: How Education Must Change When Learning and Information Are Everywhere" is the best selling TED Book of all time!

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