the Dyslexia quest

Where Do I Start?: Navigating a new dyslexia diagnosis

Join us for this incredible episode, as Ashley Roberts, dyslexia advocate and IDA Houston Director (as of Jan 2019), talks with us about helping parents navigate the beginning of a dyslexia journey. It can be an overwhelming, stressful, confusing time for parents and their child, and she walks us through it with compassion and wisdom.

Ashley is a mother and a parent advocate. Her only child was diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia at the age of 7 and it was then that she embraced the dyslexia journey for all it was worth.

“I know that my child needs me to stand up for him and be his voice, he needs me to make sure I fight for his legal right to FAPE, and, at all costs, he needs me to protect his right to be learning different yet be himself and thrive so he can be all he can possibly imagine himself to be.
I also feel compelled to pay it forward,” says Ashley.

  • Ashley Roberts
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Ashley Roberts

Director for Discovering Dyslexia and as such to be the Regional Manager and Admin for Dyslexic Houston.

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