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Teaching your Child to Advocate for Themselves in Classrooms – with Delphine Rule

Join us for this empowering conversation where Delphine Rule talks with us about how to teach your child to advocate for themselves in the classroom. From first learning to speak up, to helping them persevere when the advocacy road gets challenging, Delphine guides and encourages us to help our kids find their voice and learn to get their needs met — so they can succeed. Delphine brings an empowering message that will speak to middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, and beyond — and she encourages us to be honest with our children early about their learning differences and focus on their strengths. Delphine also reminds us to seek the support available to us through resources, agencies, support groups, tutors, and friend networks. Lastly, she encourages us to make sure that all the people in our circle are supportive and if not, be proactive to find those who are.

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Delphine Rule

BIO Delphine Rule - OCT, M.Teaching, B.PE I am a mother of three children, two of whom have ADHD as well as learning disabilities. I myself am a person with a learning disability. I have spent the last 14 years teaching students, of those years 9 have been directly supporting students with learning challenges. Throughout this time I have helped support parents within the schools I work in to advocate and understand the supports available. I believe strongly that all students can be successful if given the right supports. Parents often have questions that are not always answered. As a parent I've had to do many hours of research and web searching to find support and advocate for my children's needs. My goal is to be that support and sounding board for families. I am currently teaching in the public school board teaching special education. I work in collaboration with teachers and parents to support students daily. I have experience teaching in French and English, having taught Core French grades 4-8 and taught grades 1-8, over the past 12 year. I hold my Special Education Specialist qualifications and continue to explore ways to increase my practice.

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