the Dyslexia quest

Successful Dyslexic CEO and Mom Entrepreneur Shares Inspiring Story from Hardship to Booming Success – with Helen Owens, CEO of She Compass

Join us for this amazing episode with Helen Owens, a successful mom and entrepreneur who forged through her dyslexia and emerged as CEO of the She-Compass organization that inspires girls and women.

Learn how she embraced her dyslexia and how she says it made her who is today. She’s dedicated, resilient, and grateful for the path that led her to where she is now — a successful businesswoman and author of “Finding Our She Compass.”

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Helen Owens

For decades Helen Owens has been a leader in showing women how to crest life’s rogue waves, become captains of their ships, and commanders of their souls. An award-winning author and accomplished leader, Owens has dedicated the better part of her life to helping women heal. Herself a victim of severe dyslexia, childhood hair loss, and the bullying that often accompanies the experiences of differently-abled people, Owens shows women by example how to harness their personal power to heal their hearts, minds, souls, and spirits.

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