the Dyslexia quest

Self Esteem and Adult Dyslexia with Lena Carawan and Blace Nalavany

A quick google search will unfortunately indicate that , the conversation around dyslexia revolves almost entirely around children. Leaving almost no data, attention or resources to the experience of dyslexia in adulthood. Lena and Blace both noticed that dire gap in both the academic and dyslexic communities and went on to publish the first paper on adult dyslexia, from a social work perspective ,in over ten years. Phew, thank god these two are dusting the cobwebs off the very important topic of Dyslexia and it’s social- emotional impact in adulthood!

But, the topic of their research is not the only thing that is unconventional and cutting edge about the work that they do, their means of gathering the research it’s self, via photography and crafts, mirrors a similar sense of innovation . In this chat we explore the impact of dyslexia in adulthood from the ramifications of intergenerational dyslexia to how meaning in life can re-build self esteem with lots of personal narrative and story in the middle!

(quick note: Sorry about the jumping video, my webcam went crazy :/)

  • Dr. Lena Carawan and Dr. Blace Nalavany
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Dr. Lena Carawan and Dr. Blace Nalavany

Both Lena Carawan, PhD, and Blace Nalavany PhD, are Associate Professors at the School of Social Work at East Carolina University.

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