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Neuro-diversity’s next step, Neuro-harmony with Brian Kinghorn

I love a conversation that manages to be philosophical, cynical and hopeful all at once. In this thought provoking jam session with TED speaker Brian Kinghorn we get into an in wonderful chat which touches upon topics that range from, the nature of pathology and disorder to how “neurodiversity” can become another form of discriminatory elitism ,while touching upon both Brian’s personal journey and his vision for the future.

Here are some of my favorite quotes :

“We see differences , yet the whole problem is when we say which one is the correct one, which one is the order or the disorder. Because… we try to establish that whatever the “typical” majority does is right, which is not necessarily right. Typical means majority, that’s all it means, we need to abandon the value judgement”

“philosophy is not some arcane academic exercise done by strange people called philosophers, philosophy is about examining the underlying assumptions that make up our worldview. If you are not aware of them ( your underlying world views) you cannot bring about any change. This is “disorder” and this isn’t ( Brian pointing in two directions), now what can we do to make “this” into “that”. But, often they have not thought deeper into what the question really is, (what essentially is health and well-being).” ( influenced by the thoughts of philosopher David Salsburg)

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Brian Kinghorn

Having an Autism Spectrum diagnosis, Ph. D. candidate Brian Kinghorn advocates for greater understanding and acceptance, and reminds us that different does not have to mean less. Brian R. C. Kinghorn is pursuing a doctorate in Measurement & Evaluation at Teachers College, Columbia University. Kinghorn holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Arcadia University and an M.A. in Statistics from Columbia University. Besides scholarly pursuits and philosophical debate, Brian enjoys Mindfulness Meditation and is an Aikido practitioner.

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