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Is Unschooling the Answer for My Dyslexic Child? with Becky Ogden

In our first Q and A mini series episode we answered a listener’s question:

Tell us more about unschooling for dyslexic children.

To answer this we quest together with Self-Directed Homeschooling founder, Becky Ogden. Listen as Becky talks about everything self- directed learning, unschooling and nontraditional learning environments like relaxed homeschooling. Do you think unschooling would work for your child? Let us know!

I’m all about teaching my children how to mitigate, accommodate and delegate their weaknesses and leverage their strengths…unschooling is the best vehicle for doing that

Realize that there are options…just because you decide you don’t want to remediate right now doesn’t mean it won’t happen int he future.. door to education doesn’t close…it can be a gradual process…. and that’s OK.

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Why I Don’t Use an Orton-Gillingham Program (or any other) for My Dyslexic, Homeschooled Teen

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Becky Ogden

Becky is a self-directed homeschooling parent. She was sick and tired of battling her children over their schoolwork. She now helps new or struggling homeschoolers become successful homeschoolers and those who are interested in unschooling by providing information, resources, support, and encouragement. She is the founder of the Self-Directed Homeschooler.

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