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How Your Failing & Disorganized Child Might be a Secret Perfectionist with Lisa Van Gemert

Surprisingly, perfectionism might manifest itself in various ways. Often times students with hidden perfectionistic ideals might go undetected because they seem messy, lazy, unorganized or seem like they are not trying (*hint*: this is risk avoidance! For example, they would rather take the “0” grade by not trying vs trying and getting an 80% grade because it did not turn out like they envisioned in their mind). But actually, students who are under-performing might be masking a fear that is the root of perfectionism.


There might be an underlying belief of unreasonable expectations– which may result in surprising behaviors that tie into perfectionism. You cannot really achieve perfectionism –It rarely leads to high achievement and might even effect their socialness! It may seem counter-intuitive but perfectionism is rarely helpful!

Internal scripts in perfectionist dyslexic students might sound like, “OK – new semester! I am going to be EVEN BETTER than last time- this is the time when I know I will be so much better!”
Do you know if perfectionism is showing up in your child in ways you would not expect?

Sound familiar? Are you a perfectionist yourself?


The problem we encounter with perfectionistic children is that they hook too much of their self-concept (AKA: self-love) to performance…and so they see themselves as unworthy when they don’t perform in the way they had hoped to… and they believe others will not love them as well either.

Listen for more on the relationship between perfectionism and self-love/ self-esteem!

Perfectionism is a paradigm of expectations of oneself. It is the way through in which you view your expectation. It is this combination of an unreasonable expectation of oneself in one or more area’s of one’s life, combined with a lack of SELF- LOVE….

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Lisa’s book- Perfectionism: Practical Strategies for Managing Never Good Enough

The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil Fiore

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk M.D. 

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Lisa Van Gemert

Using a combination of neuropsychology, pedagogy, experience, humor, technology and sheer fun, Lisa Van Gemert shares best practices in education with audiences around the world. She is an expert consult to television shows including Lifetime’s "Child Genius," and a writer of award-winning lesson plans, as well as numerous published articles on social psychology and pedagogy and the book, Perfectionism: Practical Strategies for Managing Never Good Enough. A former teacher, school administrator, and Youth & Education Ambassador for Mensa, she shares resources for educators and parents on her website and is co-founder with Ian Byrd of the Gifted Guild, a professional community for educators of the gifted. Lisa and her husband Steve are the parents of three sons and live in Arlington, Texas.

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