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How to Teach Children the Art of Perseverance – With Dr. Rebecca Resnik

Join us for this insightful episode with Dr. Rebecca Resnik, therapist, speaker, and founder of the psychology group Resnik Associates. She discusses How to Teach Children the Art of Perseverance, an important topic in our parenting journey. In her new book, “A Family’s First Guide to ADHD”, she presents an easy-reading workbook format to give you a step-by-step action plan for helping your child, your family, and yourself thrive.

Dr. Resnik is an approved American Psychological Association Continuing Education Provider, which means that she provides advanced training to other psychologists. Dr. Resnik lectures and conducts continuing education for national, state, and local events. In Nov. of 2017, she and Dr. R Patrick Savage were selected to be the Featured Presenters at the Maryland Psychological Association’s Annual State Conference, and conducted a 6 hour Continuing Education Course for psychologists titled Neuropsychological Interpretation of Achievement Tests: The Search for Convergent Validity). She also looks forward to presenting twice this year at the International Conference on ADHD in Atlanta, Georgia, and twice at the Independent Education Consultant Association’s National Conference in DC. 



“A Family’s First Guide to ADHD” by Dr. Resnik. Amazon Link:

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