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How to Talk to Your Child’s Teacher About Dyslexia with Barbara Steinberg

Barbara quests with us today and shares about her journey inspiring others. She is the founder of PDX Reading Specialist, LLC  and also offers teacher training on proper instruction for students with dyslexic type difficulties. She shares a template parents can use to structure conversations to have with teachers at the start of the year! This talk will help you be prepared and know how to talk to your child’s teacher about dyslexia at the start of the year!

At the start of her career, Barbara started out as a teacher. She always worried about the children who struggled in her class—which she knows now were dyslexic. She headed off to grad school and learned more about teaching effectively. PDX Reading Specialist, LLC was created with a simple mission–to create CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners. She inspires students to discover hidden gifts and become self-advocates.

You do not want to miss this episode! Grab your pencil and be ready to take notes!

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Barbara Steinberg

Barbara's story begins in the classroom, as a teacher. She was born to teach and after twelve years, she was still as passionate, excited and committed as ever. But year after year, she would lie awake at night thinking about the four or five students who were bright and eager to learn...yet struggled with the basics of reading, writing and spelling. She worried about these kids and was frustrated because she didn't have the appropriate knowledge or tools to help them. What she knows now that she didn’t know then…these students were all dyslexic. Barbara's search for answers on how best to help these students led her to graduate school to study language based reading disabilities. Her intention was to use the newfound knowledge and apply it in the classroom. But over time, it became clear that dyslexic learners, and the families that support them, need a mentor and a guide. In 2009, PDX Reading Specialist, LLC was created with a simple mission--to create CONFIDENT and CAPABLE learners. Since then, PDX Reading Specialist, LLC has helped hundreds of students overcome the challenges of dyslexia through remediation. Equally important, we've inspired these remarkable individuals to discover their hidden gifts and become self-advocates. In addition, Barbara has advocated for students at IEP meetings and led workshops on dyslexia for teachers, parents and other professionals. Together with her team, Barbara is proud to support students and their families through assessment, remediation, and advocacy. Our group of certified reading specialists, trained in dyslexia intervention, will provide the tools your child needs to be a successful learner.

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