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How to Help Your Child with Spelling via Structured Word Inquiry – with Emily O’Connor

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Join us for this conversation about helping dyslexic children with Spelling via a method called Structured Word Inquiry. Spelling can be a tricky, frustrating area of school for dyslexic students. Our guest Emily O’Connor comes back for a second time to talk through specific methods for spelling.


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*to buy Truer Words cards and sign up for my class which is open to absolutely everyone
Volume 3 will be released in April 2019!
Blog Post “Thrive”
*where Emily talks about her journey into SWI with the kiddo she calls Ethan
Gina Cooke
Rebecca Loveless
A study that compared SWI to phonics directly by Devonshire et al. (2013) that you can download here:
  • Emily O'Connor, M.A.T.
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guest bios
Emily O'Connor, M.A.T.

Emily O'Connor, founder and owner of Advantage Math Clinic, is an educational therapist and dyslexia specialist who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Emily specializes in working one-on-one with dyslexic children who need support in mathematics. Her training in the Making Math Real Multisensory Structured Methods profoundly changed her life, and her greatest passion is sharing this method and helping kids and families holistically navigate dyslexia.

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