the Dyslexia quest

How to Handle Homework and Dyslexia? with Shawn Simon

What does homework look like at your home? Is your child stressed and overwhelmed with homework??Are you looking for advice on how to tackle the homework drama??!!

YES?!! This is the episode for you. Shawn Simon, an educational therapist, gives us real life tips and tools you can use today. Listen to learn how to engage your kids in this (sometimes) messy process.

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Does this sound like you? ⠀⠀⠀⠀

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  • ✅Do you feel frustrated by the lack of awareness, understanding and celebrating of the #dyslexic processing style in the traditional school system?
  • ✅Do you feel unsure how to ensure that your child maintains a love of learning and motivation?
  • ✅Does your heart break, when you see that sparkle in your kid’s eye begin to diminish due to school stress?
  • ✅Do you feel isolated and alone navigating the school system for your child?
  • ✅Are you secretly worried if your child will be able to make it in college or in a “real job”?
  • ✅Are you unsure about the balance between “pushing” your child, and making their life/ experience easier and more supportive? 🌟🌟🌟

If you answered “yes” to a few of the above statements , then I created this interactive online community course for you. Join us. Early bird pricing ends soon!!! 

COURSE CART NOW OPEN: How to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem– Even If The School Is Tearing It Down

A step by step, 8 week online live course for parents and guardians of dyslexic students aged 7 – 15 years old.






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The Myth of Laziness by Mel Levine, M.D.

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Shawn Simon

For the past 16 years, Shawn Simon has been in private practice as an educational therapist. In addition, she has been a classroom teacher and a resource specialist. She specializes in: Reading, decoding, fluency, and comprehension; Critical thinking, expressive writing, and basic math skills; Visual and auditory processing deficits; Teaching compensatory techniques and creating awareness of learning style and strengths ADD/ADHD and executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, calendar and agenda book use, backpack and binder organization, sequencing, time-management, test-taking, and study skills. Shawn's work helps to develop a sense of empowerment and independence in children. Shawn has a Master’s Degree in Special Education, with an emphasis in educational therapy and is a Board Certified Member, Association of Educational Therapists.

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