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How this 5 Minute Technique of Tapping EFT Can Deal with Anxiety 7 Stress in Children – with Dr. Maria Ortner

Join us for this interactive, helpful episode on how a 5 minute technique of Tapping, or EFT, can be a useful and easy method to help children with anxiety, stress, trauma, and big feelings — with our guest Dr. Maria Ortner. Tapping can be a great tool for parents to teach their children to manage anxiety with specific actions. We discuss helpful ideas on how to introduce this new method to your child to be more likely to get their buy-in and participation.


The Tapping Solution (EFT): How To Get Started

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Dr. Maria Ortner

Dr. Maria Ortner served as a school psychologist in Danbury, CT for 27 years prior to beginning her work with The Tapping Solution Foundation. Dr. Ortner is committed to promoting Tapping as an effective technique for teachers and students to deal with anxiety, stress and trauma in the school setting and beyond. Dr. Ortner holds degrees in Clinical and School Psychology, as well as a Doctorate of Education. She has extensive experience in education in the United States and abroad. Dr. Ortner is the Director of the Tapping Solution Foundation and travels the world to bring EFT/Tapping to people of all ages.

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