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Gifted AND Struggling To Get Good Grades In School?! with Dr. Melanie Hayes

Dr. Melanie Hayes, the founder and director of the Big Minds Unschool, shares her unique level of expertise in 2e. What is 2e? We dive right into this fascinating topic with an inspiring talk including how Melanie started her journey and what environment best suits the learning styles of 2e children. She also discusses why students should have the time and support to grow cognitively and creatively as they follow their interests. The passionate energy and attention she has brought to this alternative view of education is so inspiring! Melanie shares many bits of wisdom that you can bring into your own home to fortify your child’s resilience. If you would love to know more about how to channel this type of energy into your parenting style be sure to listen until the end!

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Dr. Melanie Hayes

Dr. Melanie Hayes – Founder and Director of the Big Minds School . Melanie is a 2e expert. She holds a doctorate in educational leadership, an MA in gifted education, a credential in elementary multiple subjects, and has 10 years experience teaching, mentoring, coaching, and advocating for 2e children. She also has a 2e son and daughter, so she experiences life with 2e children on an intensely personal level. She is intimately familiar with the joys and hardships of raising and educating exceptional children. You can read more about her work and family in her blog, “Life Among the Gifted,”

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