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Dyslexic Before It Was Cool! with Dean Bragonier

What if you were in a classroom where you were understood? What if the learning focused on the skills that came easy to you? How would that have changed the way you thought about school? How would that setting have shaped you? What could have been possible?

At some point we have all wondered …. What if…

This episode features someone who has actually thought of a SOLUTION to this dilemma, faced by many students, like us. We know that dyslexia has many advantages that sometimes go untapped…

and are THE DESIRED SKILLS by employers!

What would happen if these strengths were highlighted in classrooms instead of ignored?!

Our guest, Dean Bragonier, is the Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility. NoticeAbility is cutting-edge as it “unlocks the dyslexic potential” with “experiential, project-based courses grounded in social-emotional methodology and executive function research.” This unique curriculum enables learning for middle and high school aged learners through multiple modalities.

You do not want to miss this AMAZING conversation! You will feel so understood and encouraged by this message so be sure to listen to the end! ENJOY!

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NoticeAbility: The True Gifts of a Dyslexic Mind TEDxMarthasVineyard YouTube Video

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Dean Bragonier

Dean Bragonier is the Founder and Executive Dyslexic of NoticeAbility. Shaped by the challenges associated with his dyslexia, Dean became a diligent and successful college student after struggling through the traditional secondary education system. It wasn’t until he enrolled at Bates College that he developed a true love of learning, fostered in large part by the institution’s unique approach to education and its support of students with learning differences. Upon graduation from Bates, Dean embraced his entrepreneurial instincts and acquired a small seasonal restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard Island that he transformed into a successful full-scale enterprise (see Boston Magazine, July 2001). It was through this endeavor that he was able to contextualize his years of laborious academic learning and discover the true gifts of his dyslexic mind. As a social entrepreneur, Dean has founded his own nonprofit organizations and served as board member and advisor to a number of others. NoticeAbility is the culmination of Dean’s passion for education and his conviction that the advantages of dyslexia far outweigh its associated challenges.

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