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Dyslexia was Jared Blank’s ‘Superpower’ in World Marathon Challenge!

7 marathons – on 7 continents – in 7 days! Our fascinating guest, Jared Blank, has accomplished this amazing feat- the World Marathon Challenge! Jared has been running for the IDA (international Dyslexia Association). Guess what he calls his superpower? Jared attributes his resilience and endurance to his childhood experience grappling with dyslexia. He shares with us how his mindset was developed by these experiences. We get into how childhood and school experiences have contributed to the person he is today.

We wrap up with advice for parents that you won’t want to miss! Listen till the end to find out more!

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Jared S. Blank

Jared began running in elementary school, and never really stopped. He currently ran for the longest run of his life: The World Marathon Challenge (7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days). Jared was diagnosed with learning challenges early on in life and was told he wouldn't graduate high school. Not only did he graduate high school as his class president and salutatorian, but thirty years and three degrees later (B.A. in Communication from USC, M.A. in Communication Management from USC, M.B.A. from Seattle Pacific University), he believes that "nobody can define my future but me".

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