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Are You Easily Distracted? Good! Scientists State That’s A Sure Sign Of Creativity with Darya Zabelina

Are you easily distracted by the tapping of your co-workers pencil, by your family member talking loudly on the phone, or by a barking dog?

Researchers have been investigating the differences between people with different levels of distractibility, or levels of ” sensory gating”. Turns out people with low sensory gating or “leaky filters” are correlated with higher levels of real world creative achievement.

In this episode with creativity researcher Darya Zabelina we get into an in-depth conversation about what constitutes a creative processing style. We talk about the neurobiology of creativity, if you should force your self to focus more- and if so what are the possible trade-offs, the problem with many creativity tests used in psychology studies, how to make school and work environments more creativity friendly and more!

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  • Darya Zabelina
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Darya Zabelina

Darya Zabelina, is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at Northwestern University studying cognitive processes, affective processes, motivation, personality and neural aspects involved in creativity. Darya has a keen interest in exploring ways of enhancing and fostering the development of creative thinking and problem-solving ability. Darya has published a number of professional articles and book chapters, and presented at both national and international conferences. She serves as a reviewer for several professional journals. Her research has been covered by Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, National Public Radio (NPR), among others. Darya enjoys reading, traveling, and running.

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