“Very often when I am consulting in a school [ teachers say] It’s so frustrating , if this child would only let me help her, I could do so much for her …”

In this mini-clip clinical Neuropsychologist Dr. Jerome Schultz shares the neuro- psychological underpinnings of motivational difficulty.

Does this resonate with you, and your experience, do you agree with Dr. Jerome Schultz , let me know in the comments below!

[Mini clip excerpt, full episode to be found here, podcast + video ]

Dr. Jerome Schultz, a clinical neuropsychologist, not only served on Harvard Medical School faculty, and authored the influential and pragmatic book : “Nowhere to Hide: Why Kids with LD and ADHD Hate School”. But, also earned his “real-world” chops as a A former middle school special education teacher, dealing day in and day out with non- conventional learners.

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