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“Navigating DyslexiaLand – Learning about and Advocating for your Dyslexic Child” – with Cheri Rae


Join us for this fantastically useful episode with author and parent advocate Cheri Rae, author of “DyslexiaLand.” Cheri Rae gives us some great words of wisdom and encouragement as we search for resources to help our children, assess what schools are telling us, and devise our own plan suited for our children.

“The timetable is the one that YOU create. Not the one that is imposed on you. Be very sensitive to your child’s needs. Support their strengths.”

Cheri Rae’s DyslexiaLand:


Book: Dyslexia Land.

Lindamood Bell:

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Cheri Rae

Cheri Rae is an author, parent, and advocate for dyslexia. DyslexiaLand is Cheri’s most recent work, a collection of hard-won wisdom gained over the course of ten years of advocacy for children with dyslexia, beginning with her own son. While serving as a consultant to the Santa Barbara Unified School District, Cheri established a Parent Resource Center, monthly “Dyslexia Dialogues” and a “Distinguished Dyslexic Speaker Series.” She was named a “Local Hero” by the Santa Barbara Independent for her fearless efforts on behalf of students with dyslexia, and awarded a Resolution from the California State Assembly for her dyslexia work.

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