Understand both the strengths and difficulties of the dyslexic thinking style, via the most cutting edge neuroscience on learning differences.


Isolate your child’s specific learning strengths, and create a Strength Based Learning plan.


Melt homework/school anxiety and resistance with our step by step methodology.


Explore both the pro’s and cons of various cognitive assessments ,and understand which test will be the best bet for your child’s assessment.


Ongoing support for navigating with teacher/school advocacy for your child.


Thorough IEP support : Utilizing our step by step system that both educates and guides you through the IEP process.

What people are saying

Kate Kingree

“Elisheva consulting was a conversation of the heart and mind.  She has an uncanny way of distilling the complex world of dyslexia into words that others can understand and act upon.

Working with Elisheva empowered me to take the next step towards advocating for myself and my strengths!


When I recently met with Elisheva, my 8 year old had just moved schools. We got lots of very practical points to bring up with the school, things that we ourselves would never have come up with, but are brilliant ideas. Before the session with Elisheva, I wouldn't have had the confidence or knowledge to push for some of these ideas without her advice. The most powerful message that I took away from the session was the subtle but very important distinction that people i knew achieved something because of their dyslexia, not in spite of it - which was how I used to talk about it. The idea that my boss or my colleague had achieved this, that, or the other "even though" he is dyslexic has now been banished. This has now become, because of his dyslexia he is my boss, or she is our UX designer, or he is our graphic designer. It's because of NOT in spite of !
I find that message a very empowering, uplifting and TRUE message ! When I described my son, how he plays and what he enjoys, it was truly amazing to me to hear his behaviours described as being his dyslexic magic in motion. His ability to immerse himself in a task, these golden moments when he is creating, innovating and using his vision to do whatever it is that he is doing (building camps, making things with lego, fixing bikes, practising stunts on his skateboard.)
The freshness of the information in the session was so motivating and inspiring, that I felt lighter and happier about my son and his abilities It was 90 minutes of gold that I am truly grateful for. I subscribed to Elisheva's podcasts when Sam was assessed a few months ago, and I have found her podcasts to be an incredibly valuable resource, that coupled with her consultation with me, I cannot thank her enough for helping me to recalibrate my mindset.



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Looking for more support and guidance? This two month package allows us to begin to fully explore your child’s academic standing and experience.
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